About Us

We are a company based in London and have the finest rocks you will ever see! Most of our jewellery is set in silver and semi precious stones.

We are a growing company and our motto is to look for heart stoppingly beautiful pieces of jewellery that will charm our customers no end. We are constantly in search of pieces that will suit different generations, moods and fashion styles.

Our jewellery has a huge variety. Some items are handmade (here in London!) while some are in filigree. Some are from Italy while some others are from Ireland, Thailand, South America, Africa and China. We have something to offer you from around the world. We also have beautiful gemtones from the land of Maharajas and ‘marigolds’ – yes, you guessed it right – gorgeous bling from Jaipur is also available here in our online store in the UK!

At Mythical Jewellery we strive to ensure that all our can shoppers go away with the feeling that they have bought a special piece of craft that has centuries of tradition and history behind it!

These beautiful items have been set in the latest fashion trends. They are a sight to behold and will provide you with endless years of pleasure! Make a statement if you wish.

We are bringing you our collection of jewellery consisting of stylish earrings, chunky pendants and breathtakingly beautiful necklaces! Some of these pieces have been designed and created by craftsmen who have been trained to make jewellery for royalty and celebrities. For centuries their forefathers have been making ornate and delicate pieces of art. Now you too can savour such rare workmanship.

Take your pick: allow yourself to be enthralled by a fiery garnet earring or calmed by a gentle aquamarine necklace! You can wear our jewellery to work or for an evening out. Go on – let it sparkle your life!